Peeptoe Shoes A
Stylish Fashion Phenomenon

When I think of peeptoe shoes the image of playing peek-a-boo with a child comes to mind. Just a sliver of toes peeks out. These shoes created with a tiny opening in the front have a few toes peeking out. It gives a standard pump an edgy touch. They dress up any outfit and are very sexy.


Peeptoe shoes are at the height of fashion because they are so cutting edge. Available in wedge, slingbacks, booties or pumps there is something for everyone. Principle designers have re-invented this classical shoe into a contemporary "necessity". The "it" shoe of the moment. Authentic open toe shoes have a small opening. The middle toes and little of the big toe shows.

What do you wear with peeptoes?
Dresses - flirty, sheaths and full skirted. Since peek toe sandals are a refresh 50's style they look excellent with a sheath dress. For a classic look wear a white peeptoe shoes with a white or black sundress. This vintage look worked back then and still does today. Dresses below the knee look best. Wearing a short dress is plausible, but wear a low heel (kitten heel or flat)

Skirts - a pencil skirt or A-line skirt. A pair of black leather peeps with a straight line skirt is professional looking. Avoid wearing white open toe shoes in the office; they tend to be too casual.

Jeans - skinny jeans, regular cut, boyfriend and slight flair. While wearing the regular cut or boyfriend jeans you can roll up the legs a bit. Leather peeps in a natural color will be very complimentary. Whatever jeans you decide on they need to fit.

Open toe shoes are not considered "Corporate America" friendly shoes. They are disapproved in the legal community. Reasons are not clear why? but I tend to think they sometimes have a casual appearance. Essentially presentation counts. If the clothes or shoes are too casual or provocative it translates to unprofessional.

Peeps are not just for summer or warm weather. You can wear them all year long. Just carry them with you if the weather is nasty and just pair them with neutral tights. Avoid wearing sheer tights for it exposes your toes. Peeptoe shoes are like any shoes they all have time and place to be worn. Whether you go all out for or keeping it low these shoes can carry you through almost anything.