Platform High Heels
In or Out?

Platform high heels were all over the place a year ago. Don't get me wrong I still see and wear them. But have you noticed that the heels are stiletto  than platform? 


I just remember, looking up one day and every designer was doing this type of shoe.  Originally the shoe began its history with Greek actors wearing large pieces of cork with leather straps on their feet.  


These shoes were the one piece platform not the one with the stiletto heel. They were as high as 6 inches.  

In 1930 Salvatore Ferragamo re-introduced the big heel shoe. He added cork to the heel and rainbow colors.

This lead to the shoes become a re-birth in the fashion world.  What Ferragamo did was to unleash something fun and different to the footwear market.  

By 1970 disco was the rage and platform high heels were everywhere. Woman and men indulged in these tall thick shoes.  There was not one club or night spot where you wouldn't find a celebrity or average Betty wearing platforms.

The wedge shoe stayed on fashions top spot for a good 5 years. Then like everything else it ran its course and disappeared, not entirely, but  it was removed off the top page of fashion.  

1990 the big chunky heel made a comeback. Vivienne Westwood's models hit the runway wearing some of the highest shoes ever.

This is when Naomi Campbell took her famous fall in her 9" shoes.   

The Spice Girls were making major headway at this time and Mel B (Scary spice) could be found often in these shoes as well as the other girls. During this time the platform sneaker was created. 

By the year 2010 most women own some version of these shoes.

Whether its platform hidden in the rise of a pump or heel. It has become a fashion staple in our closets.