Pumps...Up The Volume! 

Question: What are pumps and why do we call them that?
Footwear with a heel that slips on the feet. Without straps, laces, and zippers. Basically a slide your foot here type of shoe.

 Lightweight, classic strapless shoes with a closed back. Sometime they have a seamless front upper that is cut closer to the toes than the top of the foot.

They come in various heel heights. We call them pumps, not because of their raise prices, but from a mechanical piece of machinery.

They fit snug like the pistons in a machine.  In fact, back in the 16th century, such pistons  were known as “pump shoes” from their vaguely shoe-like shape.  Originally these shoes were worn by men, minus the heel. Like most things in life women saw and improved by by adding embellishments (pretty things) to make them more feminine.

These shoes can be worn with a variety of outfits. They can go from the office of professionalism to a night on the town. They are probably the most versatile multipurpose shoe in footwear. They represent well at weddings and even funerals. 

The toe is typically enclosed and often has a heel. Constructed out of variety of materials and colors. Their style can range from a formal dressy occasion to a casual slacks and top function.

Since they come a wide range of styles there are court shoes (alternate name) for just about anything. The favorite style is the pointy toe stiletto. As you can tell it is back again in 2013.  

The platform stiletto is still around, but the pointy toe has made its way back with all the designers.  This style of shoe is always fashionable whether or not they are trending by designers.  

Suitable for a dress, skirts, pants and even shorts these are shoes can work any outfit. The one thing about these shoes is they are not always the most comfortable.

Since the width of the upper enclosure of the toe gets narrow they tend to lead squeeze the toes and form blisters, corns or bunions. These shoes should not be worn all the time for they can also lead to foot issues.

Sarah Jessica Parker has recently discovered what high heel shoes can do to your feet after long periods of time.  Pumps are great shoes and love wonderful with clothes. They should be worn in moderation and not for long periods of time. Like everything else a little goes a long way and too much can be disastrous.