Rachel Comey is
Fashion's Rock and Roll Designer

Hot New York downtown designer Rachel Comey is making a statement which is worth investigating. A former University of Vermont graduate who majored in the art of sculpture and print making. She is making her way into the world of fashion. Are we glad that gave up her chisel for a sewing machine.

Rachel Comey arrived in New York to pursue her life as an artist. She did not plan on being a fashion designer. While living in New York she noticed that there was an undercurrent feeling of music pulsating through the city at all times.

It made you feel the need to move about freely and in time with the music. With no formal training in design, Rachel is purely self-taught. This is what makes her clothes are so interesting.

By never learning the rules of fashion she doesn't have the need to obey them. She grew up customizing her clothes to her specifications. Adding elements or cutting slits or holes to make her clothes stand out. She stated, "It was a costume punk thing."

She landed a gig with Theory for a short time before creating her own line. Comey launched her label in 2001 featuring men'swear. The line was successful and she discovered women were buying her men's line, but in smaller sizes. Woman were actually wearing her men's tailored shirts.


Her big break came the night David Bowie wore one of her shirts on Letterman. This created a frenzy for her clothes.

Her menswear line was not just "old-school business suits, but hip, tailored shirts and trousers that rocker types and club kids found irresistible.

In 2003 She started her women's wear line. She kept her free styling attitude and which inspired her vintage rock and roll feel.

This made her designs popular with the downtown girls. Rachel's work was featured at the Whitney museum as part of its Biennial.

This year Rachel had a live kitty cam on her website featuring 3 kittens who she was trying to get adopted. It was the most adorable, cutest website ever. We were allowed to see the kitten sleep, eat and play all real time. Talk about cute! This was innovative and clever for doesn't want to watch kittens play? Leave it up to Rachel think outside the box.

2012 was a great year for Rachel Comey. Her fall line was perfection. She introduced these black and white leather sneakers that look like an oxford shoe.

Really cute and unique. Rachel knows how to please her audience, she added ankle boots with cutouts and metallic color block sandals for Spring 2013.

Her free flowing approach to design brings a lightness and punkish appeal to her clothes. Rachel said, "My collections start as a feeling. I play with color, texture and silhouettes then figure it out from there."