Rhinestone Shoes
Got Bling!

Rhinestone shoes are known as the best diamond imitators. They provide sparkle, glitter and fun for a discount price. Walking down the aisle with bling on your feet is eye catching. It gives a bit of a wow factor. One more thing to enhance your appearance. A bit of glitz is wonderful for the feet, but try not to go overboard.

"A little is more" is the way to present your rhinestone shoes. If your gown is crystal and beaded to the hilt your shoes should not be as intricate. A small amount of flash on the shoes is enough of an accent.

Rhinestones are made out of glass or plastic. They glitter and shine like diamonds, but a small amount is enough. The stones are used as embellishments for shoes. They are not to overpower the item.

You can purchase stone crusted shoes or you can add the stones to a pair of shoes. When adding stones to your shoes make sure you know the fabric of the shoe.

Rhinestones are placed on shoes with either fabric glue or epoxy/polyurethane glue. Fabric glue is used on soft materials, like canvas, leather and suede. Epoxy or polyurethane is for harder materials. The tougher leathers, nylon and etc.

Wedding gowns can have crystals, glass beads, pearls and rhinestones. If you want your gown and shoes to have sparkle you can add stones. The trick is to make sure you get the stones that are on your gown. You may buy shoes with the bling or buy plain shoes and add embellishments.

When adding the stones you must keep three (3) things in mind:

Material of the shoes

The type of stones

Placement of the stones

Once you purchase the rhinestone shoes consider how you want them to look. You may just want the heel glittering, or around the edge of the shoe. Whatever you decide make sure you know the look you want to achieve before you start the process.