Satin Shoes Are Great Looking Shoes!

Which are better satin shoes or silk shoes?
Before I answer that question, like take in to account that we are talking just about the appearance of the shoe. Satin fabric is glossy and looks shiny. This is because of how light gets reflected. Satin is a man-made fiber consisting of acetate, cotton nylon and polyester.

Now, back to the question of which are better silk or satin shoes? Silk is the better fabric for a shoe. I'll explain it this way:

Silk shoes are a natural fiber and they represent status. Money, class, and luxury. Satin is a by product of silk with added fibers . Consider the "imitation silk". Representing middle class, average and affordable.

Silk maybe a better fabric but it doesn't mean satin is a bad fabric. Satin shoes are by no means unacceptable. It comes down to wanting either satin or silk.


Satin footwear are more of an evening or wedding shoe. There are some satin heels that are worn before 5pm. Since satin is a heavy fabric it can be dyed into virtual any color. Which is probably why it is used so often in weddings.

Shoes worn after 5pm, the evening shoe are mostly made of satin. A satin high heel looks very elegant and sophisticated. Watch any award show, notice the actress and singers feet they will have on a satin heel.

Since it is a manmade fabric you can practically do whatever you want with it. Brides are known to use satin footwear for their bridesmaids shoes. It creates a formal setting and they really do look nice on any foot. Since satin is dyeable a bride can get shoes to match exactly to the dresses.

How do you clean satin shoes?
Satin is a delicate material that can damage quite easily. When cleaning your shoes made of satin, take caution.
The first thing you need to do is:

  • Prepare the shoes by gently removing all the dirt and dust with a dry cloth
  • If there is a stain blot it with a damp cold-water cloth
  • DO NOT RUB. Blot and Dab

Stain on the shoe?

  • Use a pea size amount of hand soap on a cloth
  • Do not put soap directly on the shoe
  • Use soap on the stain part only
  • Make a gentle lather
  • Remove the soap residue with damp cloth
  • Do not make the shoe wet. Satin will stain
  • Hand dry the area with a dry cloth or a hair dryer on low setting

NEVER allow satin to air dry

You really can't go wrong with a satin footwear. What I find interesting about satin footwear is that the fabric is glued on the shoe. Satin is a fabric that you really can't be manipulate for it will shred. It is a delicate fabric. This is why it is glued to the shoe and not sewn.

When I think of satin footwear I think of proms, wedding and celebrities. They are simple classic shoes that never go out of style. They are less expensive than silk shoes and they come in assorted styles and designs.

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