What Are Sexy Shoes?

High heels are referred as sexy shoes. High heels provide all kinds of benefits for a woman. Besides giving a woman extra height and the illusion of a smaller foot, they are as tempting as hell.

What makes a sexy shoe?
The height,style, design and the person wearing them.

Heels are not regular shoes, they are a personal expression, a source of authority, a sexual declaration, a touch of femininity and joy.

This combination and a woman who is aware of who and what she is, marks sassy at its finest.

What shoes are considered alluring?
The stiletto and platform top the list, for most exciting shoes of all time. Every style of shoe is loved by women across the world, but when we want entice its the stiletto or platform. These shoes are adored, desired and sought after.

What brought on this phenomenon of seductive shoes?
Men of course. Who else would design a shoe that keeps all your weight on the ball of the foot, ranges in height from 3"to 6" inches, pushes our breast and booty outwards and creates the illusion of longer legs. Ok, that part was genius, but notice who is wearing these shoes of torture?

The history of enticing shoes is based on masculine power and female fetishism.

Think of all the movies in which a woman is in leather, wearing a teddy, bikini, school uniform or even a business suit.

What is on her feet?
Some form of high heel.
Heels are often categorized as fascist beauty standards and self destructive desires to please men.

There is truth to that sentence, but there is also something not mentioned. Woman love their provocative shoes, and not just for men, but for themselves.

Heels are introduced to us at a young age. Think back to your older sister, mother, grandmother or your favorite celebrity.

Most of them wore some form of heel. We are influence by television, movies, and magazines.

All the models and actress are wearing provocative shoes. They have on stilettos, pumps, slingbacks, open toes and platforms. It's a world of heels in every color, height, style and brand.

For every ten pairs of shoes worn, four are some form of high heel. Break it down even furter, and two of the four are either a stiletto or platform.

Sexy shoes are undeniably here to stay and I say Amen to that!