Shoe Accessories
Jewels for Shoes

What gives a plain old shoe is new life?  Shoe accessories. Sometimes a shoe can be as boring as watching paint dry.  So what is a girl to do?  Besides running out and buying new shoes. 
How does she create a little magic on her shoes?  By adding a piece of shoe jewelry and let the shoe facelift begin.


What is shoe jewelry?  Shoe jewelry is accessories made for shoes. Consisting of clips, appliques, bands and covers. It's like wearing rings, gloves for fingers or socks and toe rings for our feet.  Jewelry for shoes provides a upgrade to the shoe appearance. Shoe Jewels are decorative shoe-accessories typically sits on the vamp (front portion) of the shoe.


These shoe enhancements increase the presentation of any shoe. It is an ingenious way of beautifying shoes.

A simple cost effective step that makes a statement.  Shoe accessories can provide a temporary look when you want to "up" the stakes.

How great is it to use a nice shiny piece of metal to create a new shoe. Shoe jewels are transferable.

They support possibilities of re-inventing shoes. Being able to change your mind with a snap of the finger is priceless and convenient.  Shoe decorating is not new in the scope of fashion. Accenting shoes has been around for a bit.  The popularity is based on creating a different look for less than a pair of shoes.

How does this work?
By adding an element to the shoe.  It can be jewel, an applique, paint, pin or earrings.

Shoes have their own line of accessories. They are accents for the feet.   Materials range from metals to fabrics. Containing stones, feathers, beads or cloth.

The best feature about shoe accessories they are purchased independently of a pair of shoes. Translation: money shoe purchase required

Shoe decorations are usually temporary items. So if you like it one minute, but not the next, off comes the accessory.  However, shoe appliques not temporary. They are permanent fixtures. Appliques have adhesive backing and once placed they should not be lifted for the tacking or adhesive will leave a residue on the shoe and could ruin the material.

Barefoot sandals are an excellent example of a shoe enhancer. It allows the wearer to put on a pair of shoes with foot jewelry.  When worn together it creates an very slick and appealing statement. The barefoot sandal becomes a part of the shoe.

Since we are discussing temporary ornaments let's talk about boot sweaters.  These are the cutest little things! Boots can have their own personal sweaters.

A boot sweater is a cover that is placed over the top of your boot. Designed for image mainly, but they do add a heat/wind barrier around the boot.

Shoe accessories are decorative as well as being preventive and management aids. There are certain facts every shoe owner and lover should know. Shoes are an investment and their value and lifeline decreases without maintenance. 

A necessity for leather shoes are shoe trees.  Shoe trees are a preventive aid that keeps the shoe's shape.  Remember leather shoes are an animal by product and leather like skin stretches.  

After wearing a pair of shoes it is recommended that shoe trees be placed inside the shoes. It helps keep the shape and if you purchase cedar tress it will also help remove the moisture and smell.


A question I am asked often, How do I store my shoes? Shoe Storage is really something that most shoe owners never consider.

Depending on the material of a shoe effects how shoes are stored. An easy storage accessory is shoe bags.  Shoe bags can be satin, cotton silk or plastic. These bags can be hung on shoe racks or placed inside shoe boxes.

Decorative shoe aids are shoe laces.  Laces come in all sizes, lengths and colors. They are fun pieces of string that can reflect your personality.  Every shoe owner should have at least one shoe stretcher in their home. The shoe stretcher is worth it weight in gold. Can help alleviate minor corn issues to enlarging the width on a pair of shoes. 

Investing in an electric shoe dryer is a well worth purchase. Shoe dryers remove moisture from the shoe.

These are really awesome machines and they do provide a great service. There are other shoe dryers that will dry out your shoes that are less expensive.

Insoles can benefit anyone. Since there are so many different types of insoles it hard to decide which one to purchase. They can supply comfort, joint relief and orthopedic correction. An insole is also referred to as a shoe inserts.

Shoe Lifts are similar shoe-accessories and sometimes are called shoe inserts. A shoe lift is an insert that can be placed in the shoe to increase height. The lift can also be made into the heel of shoe. Shoe lifts are known as elevator shoes.

One shoe accessory that is used more so than any other are shoe covers. These booties are essential to hospitals and crime investigations. They prevent dirt and bacteria from damaging a room or crime scene. Made of light weight materials and elastic they fit right over the shoe.

An original favorite shoe covering from another era were spats. Spats are typically white shoe covers went over the top of the shoe to separate the black darkness of shoe against the leg of the pants.  Famously worn by dancers in movies. These charming covers have come and gone in fashion quite a few times. Shoe accessories have their place in the shoe relm and they make a hell of a lot of sense.