Shoe Advice are Facts About Shoes

I bet you are thinking, what exactly is shoe advice and how does it benefit me?
Shoe awareness is about care, coordination, repair and so much more.
It benefits you by providing knowledge on footwear.

Women like to buy shoes. If we are going to invest our time and money on a pair of shoes then knowing about shoe care is worth your while. Shoe Maintenance is probably one of the last things we think about. This piece of shoe advice needs to become a reality for all woman. Shoe care is preventive medicine in a shoe's life.

Caring for your shoes begins with maintenance. Shoes should be kept clean of dirt and debris. Depending on shoe type preservation measures will vary. Shoe advice is larger than
shoe selections.

It focuses on shoe reviews and shoe sizes. The common mistake made about shoes is people tend to think of them disposable. Very few women will take the time to care for their footwear.
Usually footwear is thrown in the bottom of closet. Where they remain until they are needed.


Some advice tips on women's shoes.
The first tip is coordination:
Coordinating shoe colors to clothing colors seems simple enough, but when you start mixing clothing styles to shoe styles it becomes complicated fast.

A reasonable coordination question is, what shoes can I wear with a short bridal gown? and are discount shoes ok?

Tip two is a very important probably the most important tip.
Shoes demand to look perfect. They require the best appearance possible. A shoe shine is highly recommended. Women's shoes must always be clean and shiny. By keeping shoe polish on hand you never risk being unprepared. When women's shoes are not up to par it shows. It can destroy the presentation of a lovely evening gown with a bad shoe selection.

There are suggestions on what shoes to wear with an article of clothing. General standards and advice from fashion experts are available. The experts do suggest what shoes works well with certain women's pants.
Women's skirts range in lengths from long to short and in between. What shoe is the most flattering with each length? There are guides to follow, but in the end it is up to the indivdual.
Have you noticed women's suits displayed in the store are usually paired with a mid to low heel shoe. The reason why is to high or to low of a heel does not reflect professionalism.


Women's dresses are an interesting shoe advice topic. Knowing what shoe to wear with every style dress takes a creative flair.

When wearing a dress you want to pair it with the best shoe possible. For unlike pants your shoe is displayed front and center.

How do you know what shoe to wear with what article of clothing?
It depends on what you are wearing and where are you going. Any fashion expert can spout shoe advice on what shoe goes with what skirt.

When all is said and done, it's just their opinion. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to putting clothing and shoes together. It's more about making something work together in harmony.

If there truly was an ultimate shoe source then most of us would be commend to hell for our choices. I do agree with the fashion leaders that particular items do not compliment every piece of clothing. I believe people are entitled to make decisions for themselves and not follow what someone else beliefs.

One piece of shoe advice I stick to is not wearing white shoes before Memorial day. The last Monday in the month of May. Or wearing white shoes after Labor day, the first Monday, in September.

I feel wearing white shoes after summer is still wrong. Maybe being on the East Coast plays a part in my decision. We experience four seasons and bright white is not complementary in the fall or winter. I think wearing white shoes when it is no longer warm just seems out of place.
Now if I were on the West Coast I probably would be ok with year-round-white shoes.