Shoe Care...Who Needs
We All Do!!

Shoe Care is something we probably never really think about. I know for myself it was something I paid very little attention too. This was pre- designer footwear. I figured it wouldn't kill me to know how to care for my shoes.

So let's get into and we will start from the basics. Believe it or not shoes should not be just thrown into our closet after you had them on. I know! what an eye opener!


Believe it or not shoes should not be just thrown into our closet after you had them on. I know! what an eye opener!

Shoe care is vital to maintaining all footwear. Shoes can be made of animal skins (leather, suede etc.) and it needs to be treated like skin on our bodies.

Animal skins just like human skin has to retain moisture or else it will dry and crack. So ladies, this means your leather shoes have to be moisturizes as your skin does.

Don't tell me you don't have time or feel the need to do it. Think of it this way, if you are going to invest in the high 3 or 4 figures for a pair of shoes then you really should know how to care for them. If money is not a problem,lucky you! Since most us of don't have that advantage read on!

What is shoe care?
Shoe maintenance. Plain and simple. Caring for something you invested in and making sure your investment was worth the cost.

Every pair of shoes that you own should be maintain in some fashion. Regardless, if they are just rubber flip flops or the most expense designer shoes. If you want your shoes to last and keep that new look and feel shoe care is an absolute.

How to care for your shoes
There are ten (10) major tips for managing good shoe care. Try installing all of ten into your life. It will make the life of your shoe longer and you get to keep your favorite shoes in pristine condition.

The first six (6) are a must for longer, beautiful lasting shoes.
1. Regular cleanings & polishing
Wipe shoes of before and after you wear them. Use a nice soft shoe brush or a lint-free cloth. No cloth... try a paper towel just get the dirt and dust off them.

Leather shoes polish with a high quality paste or cream it will help moisturize the leather. Polishing helps retain the natural oils and it hides scuff marks.

It also provides a layer of protection from weather and sunlight. Sunlight can be very damaging to shoes. The ultra violet light causes the color to fade and dry.


2. Waterproofing
New shoes should be waterproof with a spray on water repellent. This is an excellent shoe care tip.

How many pairs of shoes have you ruined due to an unexpected rain storm or step in a puddle? Waterproof repellent for leather shoes is usually mink oil, beeswax or silicone.

To ensure you get the correct repellent check with a shoe repair shop.

Purchasing a generic waterproofing spray could put your shoes in jeopardy.

3. Shoe Trees
Those odd looking pieces I use to play with as a kid, actually have an excellent purpose in shoe care. Shoe trees keep the shape of the shoe. It also prevents creasing and wrinkling.
Shoes stretch and loosen up as we wear them.

The shoe tree helps to restore the original shape. Wooden shoe trees take out the moisture and heat. Cedar shoe trees not only take the moisture out they will also remove any odor.

4. Rest
Alternate your shoes. Try not to wear the same pair 2 days in a row. This allows your shoes to breathe and reshape with your shoe trees.

5. Check Heels
Regularly check your heels before you put on your shoes. High heel shoes are high maintenance shoes. They require a check-up every so often. Make sure the heels are attached properly and the tiny tip on the heel is not worn down.

6. Sole & Toe Tip Protection
Sole protectors and taps help gives a shoe long life. A sole protector is a rubber half sole for under the front of the shoe. It is a non-slip piece that is hard wearing and keeps the sole of the shoe healthy.

Soles of shoes tend to be made or leather. The sole protector will stop the damage. An expert cobbler or shoe repair should place a sole
protector on your shoes.

No, not the kind you hear at the end of a miltary day or put on your feet to dance. Taps are a thin metal or rubber toe plate that prevents the tippy-toe front of the shoe from wear and tear.

You know when you look at a pair of shoes and you see the leather has rubbed off. This piece prevents the rub off.


Heel Stoppers
Hell stoppers are those cute plastic attachment disks that go over the heel tip (we call them lifts) of the shoe.

It can prevent the heel from sinking into the grass and it keep the tip in tip-top shape. You can purchase them in color or transparent. They are one the best shoe care maintenance inventions.

8. Scuff Marks
You know those black marks that get on the back heel or the toe tip of the shoe. Which makes you wonder where the heck did that come from?

Some scuffs are removed by just your hand. Take your hand and rub them over the scuff your natural skin oils will sometime remove the mark. Deeper scuff marks call for neutral polish and a soft shoe brush.

9. Inside the sole
I love that play on words, but anyway... Shoe care is also about the inner portion of the shoe. The inner soles should be clean with a swab of alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil. This prevents bacteria growth and the tree oil is an antifugical agent.

Wearing hose and socks is also a great way to prevent bacterial growth in your shoes. Who wants to wear hose or socks in the heat? No one, but this is when we should.

10. Stretching Tight Shoes
Stretching shoes is not to be done at home. Don't waste your time or money trying to do it yourself. The wrong chemicals or self-stretching device can destroy your shoes. A cobbler or shoe repair has stretching machines and they can perform the procedure properly.

One of the best things that you can do for your shoes and yourself is to create a heel repair shoe kit. The kit should have: shoe glue, (not crazy, Elmer's or any other type) shoe heel tips (lifts) small tack hammer, shoe nails, a soft brush and a lint free cloth.

I have broken a heel while out (probably didn't check them in advance like #5 suggest).
It was no fun walking around with one foot up and one heel down in the office.

Hey...things happen and nothing is like being prepared.Make 2 kits keep one in the car and one at home this way you are covered.

The main goal of shoe care is preventive medicine for our shoes. We take vitamins, get check-ups, change car oil, so why not do some preventive care on our shoes?

It makes sense and if shoes are gonna cost big bucks then I am going to take care of them for they mean so much to me.