Shoe Inserts the
Foot's Best Comfort

Shoe inserts or shoe insoles can make the difference on how long you can keep your high heels on.These small disc can provide comfort even in the highest of heels.

Shoe insoles are removable padding for the inside of the shoe. Offering height increase or pain assistance. Women purchase inserts for additional comfort when they are wearing high heels. They help remove pressure off the foot.

These multi purpose comfort aids increase the area of contact between the ground and the foot. Distributing the weight impact over a larger area. This way they can redistributing the pressure on the bottom of the foot. Giving added support to the arches and controls the amount and rate of the foot motion.

Shoe inserts are more than just cushioning aids. They are smell reducers, height lifting and corrective leg length discrepancies.

Inserts for women's shoes come in a variety of styles, colors, degrees of assistance and purposes.

Commonly used for cushioning under the ball of the foot. When wearing a pair of high heels for a length of time the ball of the foot becomes painful.

Placing a gel or foam cushion underneath the ball of the foot, helps leviate the pressure and pain.

When the forefoot is placed under stress from a high heel you have no comfort. Your feet end up hurting and you want to remove your shoes.

There are different types of shoe insoles for various issues. Pain in the heel? There is an insole for just the heel. Dr Scholl makes excellent reasonably price feet aids. His "Just for Her" line of products are wonderful and they work.

Need comfort for the entire foot? Try wearing a comfort insoles. They are a thin layer of additional lightweight cushioning that will give your feet a rest. Comfort insoles protect the feet from being tired and reduces friction.

Shoe inserts are customized to fit any type of shoe. Some high heels are very narrow or open toe. This means your insert would need proper adjustments to fit inside the shoe. Most inserts can be manipulated to the desire fit by cutting.

The Insolia brand is one of the front runners in shoe insoles. They have taken the insert into another direction.

Instead of just cushioning the foot area, they shifted the weight from the ball of the foot to the heel.

The Insolia insole is a thin cushioning layer that replaces the pressure from the forefoot to the heel of the foot.

This helps with body alignment and posture. I find this insole is very durable and does what it saids.

Foot Petals are shoe insoles that work amazingly. My personal experience with foot petals was on my wedding day.

I put my heels on at 1:30 pm and took them off at 1:30 am. 12 hours! in a pair of 4" inch heels and my feet did not hurt.

I was sold on Foot Petals from that point on. Their line of shoe cushions are some of the best I ever experience.A little on the high end of pricing, but you do get what you pay for in this case.

Another great shoe insert brand is Spenco. The brand makes sturdy, flexible comfortable shoe inserts. Knownfor their orthotics in foot support. They are the number one brand recommended by podiatrist and medical professionals.

I did not know of this brand until I started doing research on insoles. The Spenco shoe inserts revolve aroundproducing high quality insoles and foot care products.

Spenco shoe insoles are constructed to be light weight shock absorbers. There goal is to provide comfort inside everyshoe.

Spenco inserts are used inside sport shoes for the additional support. Known for their durabilty and fit. They are worth the cost.

Shoe inserts are a high heeler's BFF. They give us comfort when we are teetering around in our super high heels. Make us comfortable when are our feet are tired. Take the pressure off the ball of the foot. Allows us to dance all night with the person who makes us happiest.

In a sense shoe insoles make life a bit easier on the soles of da feet. It's trying enough to walk in our heels, but do they have to be uncomfortable on top of it?

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