Shoe Reviews
My Secret Shopping Guide

Shoe reviews are the inside scoop to providing the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of on footwear. It is communicating more than your opinion about the shoe. It's a way of explaining the likes and dislikes that we want to discover.


Writing reviews on any topic, subject or item is very self imposing.

You have to learn to write in a way that is more than just your opinion.

It is being able to see beyond your vision, taste or feelings.

It is pointing out features, benefits, advantages that your audience would care to know about.

A shoe review should consist of:
Quality, Comfort, Selection, Designer, Value and Price
Customer Service - Returns, Contact (email, phone, live chat) Extras - Accessories (clothing, jewelry, handbags, loyalty program)

Each of these components are benefits and perks that the consumer would love to know more about. Shopping on-line is wonderful and quick. Since on-line is a virtual policy, we have learned to become independent of shoe reviews of other consumers or professionals.


These reviews become a vital source of information to us before we decide to buy. The review needs to be on point and objective.

What makes a great shoe review?
Research. There needs to be detailed information about the shoe, not your personal feelings about the shoe.

How you feel is your business. Your taste will not necessarily be the same as mine. What I need is unbiased information...details.

The review might be similar to your taste, but it should be about your readers and the information they want and need.

The reviewer should read everything available about the shoe, the designer and the manufacturer. It is a great idea to Google other reviews on this topic.

There should be a supplied list of criteria. What makes us like or dislike the shoe. How do you get that inner feeling of joy? Does it bring a smile to your face?

It is vital to describe the interior comfort, breathability, appearance and sole flexibility. You should include the weight, toe box, heel raise, style and price of the shoe.

Look for special features of the shoe, such as the sole,interior, uppers and colors. People want specifics, so they can feel as if they are seeing the shoe, just as you are describing it.

Shoe reviews should be based on the fact the the writer has worn the shoe. Describing her experience while wearing it. The fit on the foot and does it feel right or wrong. The consumer is relying on the reviewer to breakdown all the in's and outs on the shoe to make a solid choice.