Edgy + Elegance = Sigerson Morrison

Sigerson Morrison is NYC gritty downtown flavor shoes. Which hold an edgy elegance that woman love.


Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison met at F.I.T. and became fast friends. Appreciating each other sense of style and creativity.

After graduating from F.I.T they decided working together would be beneficial to them both.

In 1991 they founded Sigerson and Morrison. They began to design shoes that caught the fashion world by storm.

Their shoes were different from the mainstream. They had funk and the New York feeling of determination and pride.

1994 the ladies opened their first store on Mott Street in New York City. Gaining popularity and media attention from their footwear the word was out Sigerson Morrison were taking their place in the fashion industry.

The Council of Fashion and Designers America in 1996 presented Sigerson Morrison with the
"Accessory Design of the Year Award. This skyrocket their careers as one of the top shoe designers in the country.


S & M were hot and they knew that in order to grow they had to develop as a company into other markets.

Opening four stand alone stores in New York, California and Paris. Celebrities were wearing their shoes on the red carpet.

Barney's New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus carried Sigerson and Morrison shoes. They were considered the influential design innovators.

By 2005 S&M was worth 30 million dollars. The company was at an all time high and drew the attention Marc Fisher (son of 9West founder Jerome Fisher). Marc purchased Sigerson & Morrison in 2006 along with their intellectual rights (the name of the company).


He renamed the company Fisher Sigerson Morrison and kept the Kari and Miranda on as creative designers.

2011 Kari and Miranda were fired by Marc Fisher. Amongst a list of discrepancies the designers were protesting against Fisher for wanting to produce their shoes in China instead of Italy to cut cost.

A team of anonymous in-house designers put together the 2012 spring line, which lacks the edge of S&M once showcased.

Currently Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison are developing a collection for Antropogie under the name Pied Juste, which is expected to hit the stores in the fall. With the lost of their intellectual property rights they can no longer created under Sigerson and Morrison.

Marc Fisher owns the rights to use their names although they are no longer with the company they founded. Ms. Sigerson is introducing a small line backed by Steve Madden called 7B.