Satin or Silk Shoes...
That is the Question?

Are silk shoes better than satin shoes?
Based on comparing fibers...Yes. Silk is a better fiber. They both produce lovely shoes, but silk tends to make a nicer shoe then satin.

What is the difference between satin
and silk shoes?

Satin is a finish to any type of fabric. It is made of silk, polyester, cotton and viscoe. A man-made material.

Satin is partially silk with other blended fibers. To produce a more cost effective alternative. The fabric has a glossy surface and dull backing.

Brides like use satin shoes for their bridesmaid's shoes for they photography nicely.

Silk is a natural fiber. It comes from the cocoons of silk worms. The fiber is taken from the cocoons and turned into threads.

This why it is expensive. It takes 3,000 of those squiggly insects to produce a pound of organic fiber. So it's no surprise that silk shoes are pricey. Silk does not cling and it drapes perfectly. It goes from light to dark which brings out the color.

Silk footwear has a shimmery appearance. It appears to look as if there is a glistening coating on them.

Since silk is an organic fiber it dyes well. Satin is commonly used as the choice for dyeable shoes. Every shoe appearance is different in every type of fabric. The difference in silk or any other material is it looks classic and elegant.

If your wedding gown is silk than you should follow suit with the shoes. The reason being you are able to see the difference in materials.

Wearing satin shoes with a silk gown will be noticed, even if they were dyed to match.

Remember satin is glossy and silk is not. Shoes come in a wide selection of colors and designs and some are better produce in certain materials.

Weddings are an occasion when shoes are an important accessory. Especially for the bride and bridesmaids.

In some social circles, silk footwear is ''The Shoe" for the event.

Silk shoes complement most wedding gowns perfectly. They are just an expensive that you may or may not think is necessary.