Slingbacks are Sexy,
Sophisticated Shoes Of Style

"There is no such perfect shoe, but ahh...those slingbacks are as close as they come." a quote by the Shoe Baroness. I must agree with the Baroness, for there is nothing like the a pair of sling shoes. Those elegant and alluring one strap wonders.

Define these shoes of class and grace you say?
A backless shoe with a strap in the rear that crosses the ankle or heel. Available in a variety of heel heights, styles and materials. They come in either closed or open toe styles.

Once considered a casual shoe used in the summer months. Slingbacks have risen above this standard. They are used for any season or function. Women's slings go from the professional office suit to the skinny leg jeans without being over-the-top.


What determines the slingback's appropriateness?

The beautification, material and the design of the shoe.

The combination of these elements determine when and how you should wear a sling.

You wouldn't wear a pair of satin slings to the office, but you would wear them to a wedding or evening function.

Personal sense of style should be able to guide you on the how, when and where to wear these charming shoes.

What do I wear with my slingbacks?
You can fit a pair of slings into just about any wardrobe. The key is to know where you are going and how you will be dressed.

Home or Casual Setting
Material: quilted, embroidered and leather
Heel Height: low or flat
Clothes: shorts, skorts, culottes and other skimpy apparel

Flat penny loafers' slings will compliment corduroy pants. Cashmere or casual knitted pants go great with quilted satin slings

Business Casual (Casual Friday's)
Material: suede and leather
Heel Height: medium or low
Clothes: skirts to the knee or above, but not short, casual pants (Dockers, twill, linen), dresses with straight lines or a flirty flare.

Place a bit of shoe jewelry (bows, buckles, clips)on the front of the sling it give it a little boost in dramatics without making it too busy

Business Attire (regular workday)
Material: leather (possible suede but neutral shade)
Heel Height: high (3" maximum) or medium
Clothes: suits, tailored dresses, dress slacks, knee length or below the knee skirts

A simple classic sling with a basic cut to the shoe and design. Always wear a top quality shoe when you are in a professional setting. Color coordinate hosiery with business wear. Do not wear your slingbacks without hose to the office.


Evening Event
Materials: leather, patent leather, Satin, Silk
Heel Height: high (maximum height you can walk in)
Clothes: little black dress, leather, silk dress or suit, fancy suit

If your dress is simple and plain focus on the accessories. Add shoe embellishments with bling and sparkle.

Dress is on the higher glitz end, downplay the slingbacks.

Formal Affair
Materials: Silk, Satin, leather (finest leather)
Heel Height: high (maximum you can stand)
Clothes: evening gowns, silk or chiffon dresses or pants,

Open-toe slings are preferably befitting. Closed toe slings are too casual for formal wear. You will need formal accessories. Find the most beautiful formal slings and handbag that you can afford.

Slingbacks are tricky shoes for not everyone can wear them. If your ankle sits further down on the foot in a heel than the strap will not stay on your foot. Make sure to get check your slings in the store before buying them. Walk around in them to see if the strap will stay put. The back strap needs to get up and over the heel curve.