Slippers at a Wedding...Why not???

When I hear the word slippers...I think comfy, cozy and warm foot accessories. This is flawed thinking. Scuffs are more than cutesy footwear. They are casual shoes that are used indoors for relaxation and comfort. Available in many different styles and materials. A great shoe to have around after wearing heels all day.

At weddings you are seeing more brides with a pair of slippers handy. Either for themselves or for their bridesmaids. It is tough attempting to wear heels all day and most of the night.

Carrying a pair of slippers is sensible for the bride to wear during her reception. She may not be able to sit down the rest of the evening.

Brides are providing slip-shoes to their bridal party as gifts. They will hand them out to their girls at the reception as favors. This way the girls can dance and be comfortable entire night.

It isn't the best idea for anyone in the wedding, especially your bridal party to run around barefoot. It creates an informal atmosphere. A pair of slide on scuffs or oriental slip-on's could be your wedding favors for your guests and bridal party. Think how happy you would make all of your women guest. Who doesn't love the option of taking off their shoes?

Why not have a change of shoes that are comfy and allow you to dance the night away? Having a spare pair of shoes is not only smart, but it shows that you are wise enough to realize your feet may start to hurt.

After hours and hours of your feet in heels they do become tired and uncomfortable. Make sure when you switch into a lower heel, that your gown is adjusted for the decrease in height.

It would not be in your best interest to trip or fall. What do you think everyone will remember? How you fell at your wedding, you must have been drunk and etc...

Slippers have become a primary staple in our lives. We look at them as warm comforting footwear. They are functional dependable comfortable shoes. There is nothing wrong with having a pair nearby at any occasion. As long as they don't look like your house shoes by all means wear them!

There are six (6) types of slippers:

The Slip-on
This is the most popular type. It consists of fabric surrounding the foot with the heel expose. Basically, you just slip our foot into the shoe. They are typically thicker than most slip shoes.

Non-traditional casual scuff. Usually an animal or cartoon character. Made out of soft materials that are warm and toasty. They are larger in size due to the structure of the character.

Closely resembles a flat shoe. The entire shoe is constructed out of soft leather or suede. The featured design is based on the traditional moccasins worn by the Native American Indians.

Slipper Boots
Fleece material that look like sheepskin boots. Range in height from the ankle to the lower calf. They tend to have thicker soles so that can be worn limited outside.

Slipper Socks
Socks that are shoes. Thicker than a regular sock with a grips on the bottom of the sock. Grips form traction to prevent sliding. They are warm and used mainly in the cold months.

The prettiest scuff of them all. They are design as a mule or slide. Slipping on off the feet with little effort. In a variety of styles and colors. Traditionally they are made of silk and quilted brocade. Featuring beautiful embroidered details.