Is there more to
Stilettos than Seducing?....

Stilettos are long, thin spike heels, razor sharp and deadly...well maybe just fierce. This amazing shoe was named after a dagger. It executes stylish fashion, while still being beautiful.

Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, made stilettos the "it" shoe from the late 90's until today.

Seeing her run around in her Manalo Blanhiks, made me think how cool is she? and where do I get a pair of those shoes?

Carrie and her crew wore four (4") inch heels without looking cheap or trashy. They had the fashion sense to pull off a trendy outfit with the highest heels and still remain classy.

A heel raised from 1" inch (.25 cm) or more is called a stiletto. I know we call the entire shoe a stiletto, which it isn't...but if the name fits...

Is it possible that a shoe of questionable height, would not be just for seducing? Of course! At one time high heels were used only for sexual fantasies and games Well...they still are...but I digress...

The high heel is not just a good time shoe. It has become a staple in our wardrobe. Accessorizing our professional and personal lives. The high heel is more than fun and games.

The place of business is usually a professional environment. Women's high heels are acceptable, if worn in an understated fashion. Meaning, the outfit "must" - let me repeat "must remain" professional.

A skirt above the knee can be worn to the office with a higher heel shoe, but the heel cannot exceed 3" inches. I know what you are thinking ...that can't be right ... but there is a valid reason why this is guideline is appropriate.

When a woman's skirt is above the knee, and she is wearing high heels, it gives the appearance of the skirt being shorter. We know high heels make our legs look longer. If you are wearing 4" inch shoes or any heel exceeding 3" inches, your skirt will look shorter and your legs appear longer.

Take the same scenario and place the woman in 2.5" to 3" inch heels with an above the knee skirt. Suddenly her appearance is no longer risque. There are a variety of acceptable heels for work.

Such as "kitten heels", "slingbacks", "pumps" or "peep toe" shoes.

These styles would work in and out of the office setting.

When a women is an environment that is considered professional she can wear high heels with a shorter length skirt.

She just needs to beware of the height of the shoes.

The rule of thumb is never let your weekend gear influence your weekday wear for a business setting.

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Stilettos in the Professional World

Do wear a high heel to the office, make sure its not a strappy sandal.

Do wear heels with skirts above the knee, keep the heel height at 3" inches.

Do wear heels with a suit and the foot should be enclosed in the shoe.

Do wear heels with dress pants.

Do wear high heels for fun and games with your signficant other.

Do wear high heels for confidence and power.

Now...the times when a Stiletto may not be appropriate

Don't wear a pair of high heels to the office, when your skirt/dress is
shorter than your heel height.

Don't wear a high heel if the shoe has more straps than a backpack.

Don't wear 4" inch or higher shoes to the office. I know it's not fair,
but honestly the 4" inch heel is a tad much for work.

A stiletto heel is never appropriate at a company picnic, a walk on the company's lawn or during the company's softball team.

Most shoes can be worn for any ocassion. I know, the stiletto always got a bad rap, but that has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. It has become the shoe of women's empowerment. The shoe that stands on its own. With the image of success and creativity. The pump is seen in the work environment as a power shoe, with a hint of sexuality.

With the help of top shoe designers, Jimmy Choo, Manalo Blahniks,
Yves Saint Laurent and Stuart Weizman the stiletto has become the "top high heel" shoe. It has every woman dreaming of owning shoes that are visually pleasing with a sense of sexual misconduct.

The shoe provides a positive return on investment. High heels allow woman to be confident and sexy without being over the top. Women are tigers in the boardroom with their shoes of power. Never has a shoe been able to address a room without being overly stated than the stiletto. TYPE: TYPE:

Fashion comes in highs and lows...valleys and peaks. The very thing that was old becomes new again.

Women's High Heels will never be out of fashion. The style may change, heights will vary and materials will altered, but women's high heels will remain. Heels will continue to evoke creative strategies on seducing women into purchasing and buying them by the truckloads.

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