The Million Dollar Shoe
Designer Stuart Weitzman

Who is Stuart Weitzman?
Mr. Weitzman is a legendary shoe designer. He creates the multi-million dollar Academy Awarding Shoe each year.


Known for his unique style and elegance, his shoes are beautiful as well as functional. He is a Wharton School of Business graduate.

He was lead into the shoe business by designing shoes for his father, who started his company in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Being an innovator and a man who loved detail, Stuart began using unique materials in his designs. This has become his trademark.

Stuart Weitzman shoes are made of cork, vinyl, lucite, wallpaper and even gold. He regards shoes as works of art. In 1972 the Weitzman's brothers sold their company to a shoe manufacturer in Spain. Stuart stayed on with the company as a designer.

In 1994 he bought the company back, agreeing to continue the manufacturing in Spain.
Thus began his Stuart Weitzman Shoe Collection. He wanted to produce shoes that were lovely, exquisite originals. His collections started being seen all over the world. Women adored his shoes.

2002 began the Weitzman "Million Dollar Shoe". Stuart started creating one of a kind shoes, that would be worn exclusively at the Academy Awards. Each shoe is designed with a price tag of a million dollars or more. Luxury at its finest.

The shoes are worn each year by an woman in the entertainment industry, who is nominated for an academy award. Once the show is over, the shoes are stripped of their diamonds, replaced with Swarovski crystals and auction off. All proceeds go to charity.

The last few years Stuart has not designed a "Million Dollar Shoe" for Oscars. He believes with the economy in its present state, it would not be appropriate to showcase a pair of over the top shoes.

The screenwriter for Juno (2008), Diablo Cody, refused to wear the "Million Dollar Shoes". She felt the shoes were used as a prop for publicity.

Ms. Cody originally agreed to wear the shoes, but when she discovered all the publicity that came with wearing the shoes, she refused to wear them. She did not want this to play a part in her nomination.


Stuart Weitzman has over 30 years of designing shoes that woman have come to love and treasure.

Producing over 600 styles of shoes a year, he understands how to give a woman exactly what she wants.

His designs are classic and simply magnificent.

Weitzman knows that a beautiful shoe is much more than structure or function. It is about how a woman feels when she is wearing the perfect shoe.

If a woman can sigh over a pair of shoes, the designer has done his job.