Who is Tania Spinelli?

Tania Spinelli is one of the hot new footwear designers around. She hails from Philadelphia University and has collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin. Not bad for a woman who launched her line in 2005. She has a talent of mixing materials and creative ideas that are abstract, but blend together perfectly.


In 1998 she joined the design team at Tommy Hilfiger working in RTW (ready to wear). While at Hilfiger her talents were obvious and very creative.

She became the design director of the Hilfiger Collection. Influence greatly by her family, they are all in the fashion business in some form.

She decided to branch away from clothes and concentrate on shoes. Boy are we glad that she did!

Tania Spinelli shoes are well put together and they are beautiful. They hold sex appeal with a modern twist. Her use of exotic skins make her footwear stand out.

Tania places traditional Italian craftsmanship when she produces her shoes. She believes in using the finest materials to execute her designs. It distinguishes her line from other designers for her shoes appear polished.


Spinelli believes that quality should speak volume above everything else. Her shoes combine the classic shoe styles, pumps or sandals with geometric cut-outs and cage detailing.

A Tania Spinelli customer is powerful, confident What they don't have in color they make up in form and structure.

Spinelli does add pops of color just when you think it's safe and boring. She throws some electric blues or oranges to make a refreshing bright spot.

Her shoes have unique straps around the ankle and typically lace up the front. There is always something going on with her shoes. You will never be plain Jane wearing a Spinelli shoe.

Tania shoe designs are built on her feelings. She looks at her clothes and images what shoe would be perfect with this?

She lets her creative juice flow into her blood stream and visualize the ideal shoe. Her inspiration is her everyday life. Her family, friends and everything in between help her reflect on the past and present. How everything is somehow connected.

The one thing Tania stands firm on for any designer and woman is,
"Be true to your own style. Create or wear it with confidence...own it."