Thigh High Boots
Erotic, Kinky
And Just Plain Hot

Thigh high boots also known as thigh length or thigh boots extend above the knees. Lengths vary from over the knee to almost reaching the crotch. 

3 muskeeteers

They are the most interesting of all boot styles. Representing a tough but sexy exterior. They can make you feel strong and confident or super sexy and dangerous.

If you think back to the 3 Musketeers (and I am not talking the candy bar) check out their footwear.

They are wearing Thigh boots... my lady.  The boots are mainstream and the style still works today.

Battling bad guys in boots so hot that there opponent had to ask, "where did you get those boots?" The musketeers made the folded down cuff on the boots popular.


When Pierre Cardin in 1968 had his models wear low heeled thigh boots in gold and black patent leather. It causes quite the stir.

This was one of the first times a designer used this type of footwear. For these boots were considered to edgy and dominatrix.

The thigh high length is fun to wear. Known for it's for entertainment and provocative purposes. I personally own a few pairs and I wear them under long dresses, short skirts and over leggings. 

I enjoy wearing these boots when I am headed out for a night on the town. When I shop or bedroom entertainment. Don't judge me! You try putting on a pair in a teddy..your significant other will the thank you for wearing such killer "kicks". 


Imagine wearing a pair of boots that have super high heels and reach up to your thighs.

Making your legs look a mile long. Don't you feel sexy?...powerful?

Let's think about times when these boots were unforgettable. 1990 Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She sported a pair of vinyl thigh skimmers.

2004 Madonna rocked a lace-up pair during the Re-Invention Tour. 

J-Lo -Jennifer Lopez 2006 working a pair of Christian Louboutin's with swing dress. 

Rihanna is a big thigh high fan, here she is in 2007-2009.

Footwear of this nature comes in a variety of materials this helps keep them from appearing very costume like.

These women's boots have the highest degree of sex appeal. Thigh high boots are no longer just for dominatrix or costumes. They are intense and sexy.  No wonder they are consistently link to a sexual environment.

Considered to be erotic and kinky for years and often used as fetish clothing. Associated with the "working girls" and professional dominatrix's as tools for the trade.

This is a thing of the past for now they are associated with high fashion. Thigh-high boots run through cycles of popularity and design.

These boots are marketed through several channels and the key differential is price point and construction, couture fashion designers, fashion designers, boutique brands, fashion and shoe retailers.

There are some designers who regularly include thigh highs boots in their line at a price point premium. Designers like Brian Atwood, Manolo Blahnik,
Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman and Giuseppe Zanotti.

All I know is long as the designers keep thigh high boots in their footwear lines the more we woman want them.