van der Does
Does Shoes Like No One Else...

Shoe designer Egbert van der Does is a pure artist. His shoe designs are daring, provocative and fun.

I know what you are thinking who the heck is this guy?
He is a popular shoe designer from the Netherlands.
He designs custom handmade leather shoes.

His shoes are known for their unusal contemporary mixture of style, colors and materials. They are creations of his imagination.

Mr. Does believes that shoes are the most important clothing accessory. Who I am to argue withthe man who knows what he is talking about.

He was disenchanted with the shoes selections for men. So he got to thinking, that he could produce something a wee bit more exciting than what was available for men and women.

He decided to learn the art of shoe making and began designing shoes that were abstract.

Studying under an orthopedic specialist Egbert begins to understand how the foot works. This information would be releant to his designs.

Understanding the foot is the first step in shoe design. You can interpret how the foot works and how you can base a design on that premise.

The company was founded in 2010. His shoes are clever design foot sculptures.

Their uniqueness is a pleasure to the eye. The creative concept of
the shoes is dramatic and awkward, but in a cool way.

His shoes are appreciate more for the younger demographic. Though, women beyond their teens and earlytwenties can fine a suitable pair of shoes.

The philosophy is a well-crafted shoe for a suitable price. Quality shoes should not be soexpensive that the average person can't afford to purchase. This is why the van der Does' shoes are appealing.

You can take a look at the shoe line at (isn't that the coolest name?)They are truly visionary works of arts and they will get you noticed.

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