Wedding Flip Flops
Bad Statement? or Just Fun Shoes?

Wedding Flip Flops have become extremely popular with brides over the last few years. Brides brides like the casual flavor of this sandal for they are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear.


Once flip flops were popular for destinations weddings, but this is no longer the case.

Watching a bride shoe less or wearing barefoot sandals looks so natural and beautiful.

Wearing bridal flip flops can be fun and quirky. Maybe not for every wedding, but they do fit beach theme weddings perfectly.

Brides are now bringing those comfy slips-of-a-shoe into the all types of venues. A flip flop can be charming and they are so darn wonder brides like to wear them at their receptions.

The generation today is thinking outside of the norm. They are more interested in creating their own way then follow what is consider standard. Bridal Flip Flops are not of the normal, so what! let's do this and be comfortable.

Which is not a bad idea when you think about it.
Yet...I wonder are flip flops right for a formal wedding??
I attended a few tropical island weddings and brides wore flip flops with their gown or were barefoot.


Looking back I think the barefoot bride or barefoot sandal bride fits a destination wedding. A formal wedding were tradition is the focus a bride should not wear wedding flip flops. It kind of cheapen the occasion and looks out of place.

Bridal flip flops are no longer plain old shoe thongs. They can be personally customized. The quality of materials can range from leather to velvet.

Decorated with stones, beads and embroidered stitching. The flip flop has gone buck wild. Designers are posting their creative designs on thong sandals.

With all the improvements on the wedding flip flop are they still ok to wear?
In my opinion, No. Bridal flip flops are not ok to wear during the wedding ceremony, especially if you are getting married in a church. If you want to put them on at the reception (after the first dance) makes more sense.

Just think of it this way, do you want to watch your video or photographs a year later with your feet in wedding flip flops? Here you are in a lovely detail gown. Hair is perfect, jewelry is exceptional, make-up is flawless and then there are your feet in these jeweled stone flip flops...possibly not your best look.