Wedges The Shoe
That Always Re-invents It's Self

Wedges founding father is Salvatore Ferragmo. He created these shoe back in 1936.  He constructed a pair of out of cork and wood, due to the leather and rubber shortage. 

The wedge's heel is thick and is made out of a one piece sole.

Heights range from a slight lift to 8 inches or more.   They provided height without causing pressure on the ball of the foot. 

They are easy to walk in and you will feel more balanced than with a stiletto. 

These tall heeled shoes resurface in the 1970's. They were the "in" shoe at that time and never stays around too long before losing their appeal.  

The 1990's they were back in style thanks to the Spice Girls and their platform sneakers.   This time they came with a twist, as a high heel sneaker.  You got an athletic shoe with a touch of height. The comfort of a sneaker, but the look of a shoe.

2006 is the year the triangle returns yet again. This is the period when they become environmentally friendly. The heels were made of cork and rope. Cork is the most popular type of heel. It is easy to work with, provides a heel that is structurally sound, yet comfortable.

The structure of a thicker heel shoe is created with a solid foundation so you can have a higher heel without causing strain on the lower back, feet or knees.  

The triangle heel shoe comes and goes in fashion so quickly that if you miss it this year, don't worry it will be back.

The reason why these shoes have such a long life is they give a woman the opportunity to have the height and style, but they don't kill the feet.

What does one wear with these shoes? They look sweet with a pair of jeans or capris and tank top. A nice flowing skirt or dress with trendy costume jewelry. Do not wear these shoes with a pencil or form fitting skirt. The wedge has a bulkiness that tends to make the foot and ankle look heavy.