White Shoes are Liberated...
are They Still Taboo After Labor Day

A bride is the only one who truly is entitled to wear white shoes any time of the year.
Not necessarily so... According to the Emily Post Institute (the bible on manners) it was decreed on May 17, 2004. White footwear may be worn 365 days a year.
White footwear was liberated! and acceptable anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

Well, Emily Post may have declared white footwear free. The ladies of the south, G.R.I.T.S (Girls Raised In The South) feel quite different about white shoes. "Southern girls know bad manners when they see them and a clear sign of bad manners is wearing white footwear before Easter or after Labor day."


Is there a correct time to
wear white shoes?

This question can never have one answer. I notice when it comes to wearing the color white, people have very different opinions.

Some feel that minute it becomes warm you can bring out the white kicks. Others feel that the old rule of no white footwear until after Memorial Day still applies.

I personally find white shoes to distracting to wear all year round. I live on the East Coast and white shoes in the winter here...just doesn't work for me.

Yet, I love a pair of white boots. Ok, enough of what I think. I do have some legitimate reasons why white footwear is not so openly acceptable.

Reason One: Temperature
White reflects heat and light. So if I wear white in the winter, it stands to reason that I would be cooler. Why would I want to be cooler if it's fall or winter? This is why we are told to wear light colors when it's hot. It deflects heat away from the body. This is logical and reasonable.

Reason Two: Distracting and Overwhelming
White kicks can draw away focus from any outfit. How many times have you seen a women wearing a great looking suit or dress and then you see these white, bright eyes sores on her feet.

Reason Three: Bridal Syndrome
White is often referred as the bride's color. Brides tend to wear white footwear when they have a white gown. Since brides are wearing white, people tend to feel that they shouldn't it.
Suggesting that they wear no white including their shoes. Conflict of interest? or competing with the bride?

What style of shoes looks good in white?

A basic or simple style shoe in white is very charming. Strappy heels, dainty flats or sandals provoke a sense of modern appeal when they are white.

There are some styles of shoes when colored white. That give off a professional appearance.

Some loafers in white look like nurses shoes. White footwear is not easy to wear. It is a harsh color if not done properly.

The key feature of wearing white footwear is that it should blends with your skin. You don't want the shoes to dominate your skin tone or your look.

White shoes look good and are a forward trend. They aren't for everyone, but they have moments when they stand out in a good way.