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Women's Athletic Shoes

Women's athletic shoes how do they differ from men's athletic shoes?
Women's athletic shoes are "sport shoes". Sport shoes are footwear designed for exercising or sport activities. Often referred to as gym shoes, tennis shoes and sneakers.


Athletic Shoes for women differs from men's by three classifications size, width and stability. These three factors are the reasons why women and men's athletic footwear are opposed.

Athletic Footwear for women is created differently than men's. The components which separate women's sneakers from men's sneakers are considerable.

Sizing and width of a athletic shoe work hand and hand. If the size or width are incorrect the results are a poorly fitted shoe. Sizing in women's and men's footwear begin with foot measurements.

Women's feet tend to be smaller and not as wide. A man's sneaker will not properly fit a women's foot. The wideness of a man's shoe is too big for a woman's foot.

When women buy men's sneakers they must take into consideration the width of the shoe. A pair of women's running shoes will not allow a comfortable fit for a man and vice versa.

The male foot grows wider and therefore their athletic shoes will not provide stability for a women's foot.

Stability of the sport shoe is the support system of footwear. It is the outersole or the rubber base of the sneaker. Controling and preventing ankle rollover.

What are the top five popular categories of women's sport shoes?
The number one women's athletic shoe in the world is...???
Can you guess??

The answer is: Women's Soccer Cleats.
Women's soccer shoes are the number one athletic shoe used by women (excluding the United States). This makes total sense for soccer is the number one sport played by women worldwide.

One of the soccer cleats brands used throughout USA high schools are the Adidas soccer shoes. They are quality soccer cleats and offer excellent support and durability.

Back to the most popular sport shoes. Our number two sports shoes is the tennis shoe. Women's tennis shoes are the number one sport shoes in the United States, but fall short worldwide.

Tennis sneakers are purchased by American women than any other athletic shoe. Probably due to the fact that we wear the sneakers with casual clothes outside of playing tennis.

Number three women's basketball shoes. Basketball maybe under rated in popularity for many women play the sport, but are not part of any league or club.

The WBNA is increasingly bring focus to the women in this high power sport.

Basketball sneakers need to have strong outersoles and midsoles. These two components assist in playing and injury prevention.

The fourth most popular athletic shoe in the United States is women's softball cleats/shoes. Soft ball is a major sport in high schools and colleges in the USA. Every year the sport is gaining in popularity. Women are making this sport exciting for young girls.  It is an appealing adventurous sport that showcase sportsmanship and teamwork.

The final most popular athletic shoe is women's running shoes. The running shoe has been re-invented more times possibly than any other shoe, except maybe the basketball sneaker.

Although the women's athletic shoes has changed within the manufacturing process. The process of producing "one design fits all" has been removed. No longer are athletic shoes designed just for men. 

Since a woman's foot is structurally different from a man's, the shoe design has incorporated those differences.  Cheerleading shoes are one of the types of athletic shoes that have made significant changes in appearance and construction.