Women's Boots Are Made For
Walking and Other Stuff Too...

Women's boots are the hottest footwear in the fall and winter months. Although they are showcase during the colder seasons there are styles worn all year round. Boots are one of the most functional options for footwear.

Boots were originally created for element protection for the military. They became fashionable in the 1960's. Due to their structure and appearance they began to become popular.
Leather boots
were circulated throughout Europe as a fashion staple. During the course of the 60's white go-go boots hit the seen and the boot had arrived!

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Women's boots come in various heel heights, lengths and styles. They are made in various textiles. Some are made for "fashion" and some for weather elements.

Imagine wearing platform boots in a blizzard? Not functional and could be dangerous. The boot is a versatile item.

Depending on your taste boots can run from reasonably price to the highly expensive.
Custom boots
are handcrafted . They are the most expensive boots available. A custom boot is typically done for equestrian riders, wealthy patrons and for those who have foot challenges.

Let's discuss the background of the boot. I promise it won't turn into the history channel, just a small informative discussion.

Boots are considered "any footwear that extends above the ankle bone".

Boots that cover only the foot and ankle are booties or ankle boots. They are close to looking like a shoe.

I like to think of them as "shoe's with attitude. This footwear ranges from dressy to super casual. Used for work, play or a night out. They can be comfortable or very uncomfortable. Depending on what and where you are going there is boot to coordinate with your outfit.


What are the parts of the boot?
Like shoes boots can be divided into parts that make the whole. There are five (5) sections.

The shaft, shaft height, circumference, goring and heel. Every boot is assemble in this matter. From thigh high boots to chelsea boots.

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