Womens Clogs:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Women's clogs the shoes you either love them or you don't. This is a style of shoe that is not right for everyone. One reason is they tend to be a bit chunky and thick. Two, people actually fear wearing these shoes. The fear factors are based on:

a) Falling off your clog (hey, it happens more than you know)
b) The fear that they won't look right with anything or you don't know how to wear them with your clothes.


These seem like silly reasons to avoid wearing women's clogs, but they are legitimate. Clogs are not the most attractive looking shoes.

People do fall off their clogs for one reason or another. More people fall off their clogs more than another shoe. So I totally get the fear thing.

In our fashion chronicles everyone plays a role and part of that role is to conquer our fears. So lets take a journey and discover, how we can wear women's clogs with success and style.

Alexa Chung-Clog

Clog are based on those cute little dutch wooden shoes. They have improve tremendously, yet they still are a little intimidating. Why?? There is always a little hesitation on how to wear those shoes! No one wants to get it wrong and sometimes we feel we just no sure what goes with these shoe.

Women's clogs can be stylish and comfortable when worn correctly. Take a look at Alexa Chung (super model) in her clogs. She looks picture perfect and they are so well coordinated with her outfit.

Celebrities are making clogs a neat fixture in their wardrobes. Rachel Bilson, Mary Kate Olsen, Ginnfer Godwin and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few of the stars working the clip clop clogs and doing it stylishly so.

How do these superstars get the clog pairing right? By choosing a pair of clogs that are modern in style and comfort. Clogs are made for the real-life women. Just selecting the correct ones can makes the difference between right and oh...so wrong.