Women's Clogs, How They
Work With Our Clothes

How do you choose a pair of women's clogs?
Heel height, material, and simplicity.

Heel Height:
Select a pair of clogs with the correct heel height for you and your lifestyle. Now I know the super high ones are hot at the moment, but if you can't walk in them...what's the point. You have to be able to walk comfortably and keep them on your feet.

The best material for a clog would be leather. Leather is durable, flexible and it gives the shoe support. The upper portion of the clog determines what works with your clothes and keeps the shoe on your foot.

This is one time when plain is best. The less detailing of a clog the better. Avoid clogs with tons of embellishments. Over accessorize clogs are less versatile and harder to fit into your wardrobe effortlessly. it will be harder to wear them with more than one or 2 outfits.


What do I wear with my clogs?
Start by wearing "old faithful" jeans. Skinny, flare or boyfriend style. Roll up one leg or roll both legs into cuffs.

Clogs peekout wonderfully from under jeans with flare legs. Now you got the lower half covered, wear a simple tailored top. Try wearing a tank or T-shirt or button down with the arms rolled up.

Women's clogs with leather or denim skirt really fashion forward. Team it with a loose white tee shirt or loose sweater...now you are talking!

Got a dress? Combine a cardigan over a tailored linen short dress. Not only will you look chic, but it can go from day to night. Want a more Boho chic statement? Mix a pair of clogs with a flouncy, breezy silk dress.

Heading out for some fun?? Take this urban approach. Blend a tight fitted dress with a boyfriend blazer. Grab an over-sized bag and shades. Watch out!


Women's clogs are not just for the summer. Add a pair of stocks or tights and you are set. Tights in the darker shades, the blacks, burgundy and browns look great in the winter.

Be mindful that a woman 35+ should stick with the darker shades. I know we would all like to wear whatever we want regardless of age. There are some things that just don't transition well once we become older. Wearing bright colored tights is one of those items.

Luxuriate in wearing your clogs with confidence. Continue to wear them with pride and a smile. Women's clogs are so versatile and work well with many different looks and styles. Essentially anyone can pull off wearing clogs. It just take a bit of fashion style sense and skills.