Women's Designer Shoes
A Love Affair That is Undying

Women's designer shoes how many do you own?
According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. This number seems a tad low to me. I would think most women would own around 25 pairs of shoes. 

Approximately 4 to 10 pairs are designer shoes. Within those pairs she may have between three or five pairs of some luxury designer.  For example, Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen, Alexandre Birman, Balenciaga and others. Women's designer shoes are a large staple in most women's closets.

If the average woman has at least 19 pairs of shoes.  Then what does the above-average woman have in her closet? 
I think she has a great deal more than 25 pairs of shoes and that is being generous.

Who wouldn't like to own numerous sets of Jimmy Choo's  with their perfect structure.

Or the fabulous red sole Christian Louboutin shoes with detailing and styling like no one business.

For every pair of shoes that a woman owns 1 or 2 are luxury name brand. 

Shoes are not always about the "designer" who create them. They can be just  focus on being a great accessory. What makes an outfit pop more than a pair of shoes?...Nothing!!

The expense incurred for purchasing a pair of Louis Vuttion shoes does it equate to the quality? Depends on who you ask?

Women who shop for a luxury designer such as Dolce Gabbana, Salvatore Ferraganmo, Be & D  thinks of the cost as an incidental.  The designer who created the shoes is believes the design and labor are worth the price and well deserved. The person who buys women's designer shoes may think the cost exceeds the value. So who is right? 

Manolo Blahnik shoes are beautifully crafted and highly regarded. The price of these shoes range from expensive to very expensive.  Due to popularity from Sex in The City Blahnik's shoes went mainstream and so did the prices. 

Finding women's designer shoes without breaking the bank is challenging, but not impossible. Cole Hann and Steve Madden shoes are reasonably price and look great, plus they come in all styles, colors and what is trending.

How does one find designer shoes with paying out the big bucks?  Search high-end stores that have cost reduction stores. "Saks 5th Avenue Off 5th", Neiman Marcus' "Last Call" you will find amazing Stuart Weitzman's and Charles David shoes 40% to 70% below retail pricing. 

These premier discount stores typically carry the previous season's fashions and shoes. It may not be the debut season's items of Yves Saint Laurent or Armani, but they are originals.

Women's designer shoes are sold to discount stores, such as Marshall's and TJ Maxx's. These stores purchase overstock, non-movable inventory. or the designer creates a line just for this type of discounter.  

You can purchase Kenneth Cole, or Jessica Simpson's line of ultra contemporary shoes. High-end designers such as Gucci and Lucchese master the classic style of shoes. They will not over expose their lines with current trends. 

Trendy designers offer their unique approach to instill a little shock value. Great examples are
Nicholas KirkwoodCharlotte Olympia Dellal and Sigerson Morrision are revolutionary shoe designers. They see inside the box, but in third dimension.  Women's designer shoes can be quirky and odd, but retain style and piazz. Ann  DemeulemeesterTania Spinelli and Ruthie Davis are designers who supply interesting twist in their shoe designs. 

Traditional women's designer have stepped up their game to compete with the cool hipsters. You can find some pretty funky Calvin Klein's. Christian Dior's beautiful elegant shoes have flavored up their line with interesting heel height and materials.  Iris Apfel shoes brighten up their lines with color and patterns, without being trendy. She is an more mature designer, but still evokes flavor and spice.

Shoe designers are artist. Some of their work can make a strong statement or be just whimsy. Designers Marleos ten Bhomer and Kobi Levi's shoes are seen as works of art. There shoes are elaborate, highly detail and questionable for either being functional or art pieces.
Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are defined as masterpieces. They are provocative, sexy and gorgeous.

Custom made shoe designer Egbert Van Does is consider a premiere artist in made to order shoes. His shoes are originals and unique.  Across the pond, there are very talent designers in North America. Kathryn Amberleigh and BE & D are innovative artists. In keeping up the pace and setting trends for shoe designers are

Rachel Comey, Matt Bernson, Nicole Brundage and Brian Atwood. Women's designer shoes are primary staples in a women's closet.  Being able to know what designer motivates and transcends the standard pump is a necessary evil.