Survey says....
Women's High Heels 
are Favorite Shoe

The favorite type of shoe amongst the ladies are women's high heels. Why you may ask? Because let's face nothing says hot  or sexy like a high heel. Another reason is these shoes come in a variety of styles, heights and types. 

You can buy a shoe in practically any style or form. High heels run a muck in presentation value. Chose perky peeptoe shoes or a pair of sexy slingbacks with heel heights from 2" to 8".
It depends on what you are trying to convey at the moment and what coordinates well with the chosen apparel.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss all the different kinds women's high heels. Where to start?... Ok...Let's begin with the groupings of the different high heels.

Women's High Heels are placed into 6 categories.

  • Stilettos
  • Clogs
  • Pumps
  • Wedges
  • Platforms
  • Kitten Heels
  • Each of the above shoes can be placed into sub-categories or cross-over into another group.

    Some high heels may feature combinations of 2 different styles in one shoe.  For example, pumps can be classified as a stiletto. The platform can have a wedge heel and so on...

    Of the six (6) categories the stilettos and platform high heels are currently the most popular.

    What makes a shoe a high heel?
    Glad you asked.  Any shoe that raises the heel portion of the foot 2" inches over the toes. Heels 2" inches or lower are known as kitten heels.  Kitten heels tend to be sling-backs, pumps or sandals. They are becoming more popular and prevalent in fashion.

    A high heel does not require the heel of the shoe to be separated from the sole. Wedges and women's clogs are considered high heels. Women's high heels are featured as stilettos or platforms. 

    Presently, "in" at the moment is a combination of the platform with the stiletto heel. The sole (the toe portion of the shoe) is the platform and the heel portion is the stiletto.

    The highest shoe heel is 8" inches. There are shoes with higher heels, but they are not functional. Any shoe over 8" makes it difficult to walk or move comfortably.

    These types of heels are sexy boots or stiletto shoes. Usually worn by dancers, performers and artistic types. Some women wear shoes of this height for fashion and for entertainment.

    Sexy shoes are very marketable. They are not just for performers.  Men appreciate exotic shoes on women and some men prefer to wear them for themselves. To each his own I say. 

    We will discuss fetish shoes and kinky boots in depth on their own pages. Talk about sexy and hot, some footwear can make you wanna slap your mother! being all fierce and stuff!

    Why do womens high heels dominate fashion?

    Honestly, there is no one answer. High Heels are a never ending force. Their staying power will continue as long as women love the benefits they provide.

    Take television, movies and celebrities all you see are high heels on their feet. I watched an episode of the Golden Girls and my favorite character, (Blanche) had on a pair of high heel mules. 

    These are very sexy sandals. Kept on the foot with one strap. Olivia Newton John wore them in Grease the movie and it was mad-sexy.  High heels are a women's shoe that is meant to provoke and acknowledge power. So who are we to challenge it? I say wear your heels in good health and keep the heels alive!