Women's Sandals
Bringing Sexy Back...

Women's sandals have come a long way in the shoe evolution. Although like everything else history tends to repeat itself and so does the sandal.

The sandal is the oldest shoe in history. It dates back to over 3,000 years. The interesting thing about sandals today are based on the originals.


Roman sandals sometimes called
Gladiator sandals continuously using elements from the original roman/gladiator sandals. A roman sandal is a flat leather sole designed with a low heel.

Straps of leather surround the instep and ankle. There are some cases when the straps wrap around the mid-calf. Womens sandals like other shoes come in high or low, thick or thin heels and on and.... The basic construction of the sandal remains intact the design is what really makes the shoe.


Style one: Barefoot Sandal
Barefoot sandals are intricate pieces of foot jewelry worn on the foot as a shoe. A tropical beach wedding is fabulous for barefoot sandals. It looks lovely on the foot and makes an excellent shoe substitute.

The barefoot sandal may be worn with shoes. Since it goes over the top of the foot.

When worn with a shoes it creates a unique interesting feature. It merges with the shoe to look like one piece. The naked sandal provides a clever costume.


Style two: Thong Sandal
One of the more popular women's sandal are thong sandals. Thong sandal's design are based on a tab that sits between the big toe and the second toe.

They are available in flat, high, wedge and low heels. Thong sandals provide an interesting approach to the sandal design.

The most famous thongs are the flip flops these sandals were used primarily as
shower shoes. The plain unfashionable rubber flip flops are used in spas or nail salons. They are cheaply produced and purchased for practically nothing. One great of their assets is how comfortable they feel on the foot.

Thong sandals are attractive footwear. Made as a fashionable sandal, but more than just sandals for the beach. Brides are getting into wearing wedding flip flops as their choice of bridal shoe. Personally, I don''t think a flip flop is appropriate for a wedding, but to each its own.


Style Three: High Heel or Flats

Since women's sandals range in different degrees of height anyone can find a pair.

Women tend to think of sandals as a shoe that can be worn casually or dressy. Casual usually means lower flats and dressy the high heel. High heel sandals are considered a priority sandal.

Manolo Blahnik one of the greatest shoe designers of this century. Mr. Blahnik focuses on bringing art and design in his footwear collections. Manolo has maintains a strong presence in womens sandals with stiletto heels.

Grecian Sandals, Gladiator Sandals and Roman Sandals are the similar styles of the same shoe. All three types relate to the sandals from the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. A flat sandal with straps that rise up the calf or ankle.

There are different types of women's sandals as there are styles. I recently discovered that there are sandals just for the water. These sandals are called water shoes. Used on boats for walking on the decks. Walking on the beach's waterline avoiding shells pieces and for gripping on surf or wind boards.

Jelly shoes are clear or neon colored plastic shoes. Made out of resin or plastic. Jelly shoes are in all styles, designs and heel heights. Although they look best in a flat style. They resemble crocs. Called Jellies in the Mid-Atlantic states for they look like jello.

Jellies have been around for over 30 years. They hit highs and lows like most fashionable items. One of the reasons why they are popular is due to the cost. They are cheap shoes. The range of colors and styles are enormous. These shoes offers the three C's: comfortable, cost and cute.

The downside with jelly shoes is the resin causes foot irritation. If worn too long on your feet. The feet sweat and the resin starts to rub and causes a burning sensation on the soles of your feet.